Our approach

We are a studio with roots in Switzerland and Vietnam that focuses on Architecture, Research and Design.
We make buildings, spaces, master-plans, installations, concepts, objects and exhibitions. 

We prioritize projects with a positive social impact, equipped for creativity and innovation.

We are led by questions rather than conforming to an architectural style. Each project is a new journey with an opportunity to offer a singular answer with a strong identity that answers to the requirements of each client, the history of the site and the new challenges of our society.

We are determined, eco-conscious and passionate. Our professional experience was gained through international organizations that allows us to perfectly understand and manage the responsibilities that architects must endorse today.

We are inspired by cities, local cultures, clients and the people around us. To push further the boundaries of design, we team up with brilliant partners to set up multi-disciplinary teams composed of local and international experts. We are a team of Architects, Artists, Designers, Urban Planners and Global Thinkers.

We are creative and dynamic, curious and open-minded, accurate and organized. We love exchange and conversation. Contact us today and together let’s shape your world.

Logo Multiply Office



Multiply Office is curiosity.

Multiply Office is the need for exploration.

Multiply Office is seeking to understand our surrounds.

Multiply Office is a state of mind.

Multiply Office is adaptation over creation.

Multiply Office is questioning the world in which we live.


Multiply Office is a process.

Multiply Office is learning and sharing.


Multiply Office is a conversation.

The pool as a creative tool

The swimming pool is our creative catalyst. The ability to move and float through water connects us to a primary sense of the imaginary.

When in water, no need to take notes, good ideas remain, others quickly vanish.

While swimming distractions are rare and ideas are clear as physical activity stimulates the mind.

You jump in, detached from the “real world”, gravity distorts and constraints disappear. In the swimming pool we play, we move, we smile. 

On the surface conversations are essential, ideas launched, possibilities maneuvered, debates enjoyed. While underwater we step back for a moment of isolation and introspection. A moment of suspension, a productive moment of creation.

X for multiply office

As a symbol, a brand identity, a game, a treasure hunt, a way of being sensitive to our surrounds like finding hidden shapes in clouds. X is born from our inventive perspectives. 

The symbol loses its meaning to become a reference point, a recognizable shape that appears in our sight from time to time. What is the difference between seeing and creating? Deviate from original intent, the X is a creative and philosophic statement easy to share and communicate.

Following the idea that we are stronger together than alone, the X represents the symbol of multiplication, a sign essential in our creative process: our projects become more interesting with the multiplication of experiences, ideas, exchange, meetings and people. 

Logo Multiply Office