Picket fence

The picket fence is part of the series “Microcosmos” where everyday objects have been looked at from a different perspective to bring the unexpected within the realm of our imagination. “Microcosmos” bypasses the initial purpose of an object to radically transform our encounter with its constitutive parts.

The process plays with scale, material and color to bring confusion and changing the way we experience the object. What is this? What does it remind me of? Is it a mistake? What’s going on here? The picket fence is not a picket fence any more, it doesn’t delineate a space or define a boundary but becomes a symbol that embodies and bring to the fore repressed memories.

It’s not a protection from a threatening dog, it doesn’t forbid us from enjoying the neighbour’s swimming pool, it’s not a place where you can experience intimacy for the first time neither it is the perfect hideout for a game of hide-and-seek play or a separation between us and a life we could only dream of while looking at other people’s garden from a distance. As the picket fence becomes a simple stand-alone object or a multi-purpose clothes rack, it loses its initial purpose and thus its symbolic significance so we’re free to transform it and make it ours once again.