The Diamond, Office Building, Competition, First Prize, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The Diamond Project is divided into two phases : a feasibility study  and a concept design phase. The feasibility study will help to select a direction to take for the development of the project. The feasibility study focus on massing studies to determine the most efficient and attractive typology to fit with the requirements and the needs of the client.
Schematic massing.
After the feasibility phase, the Diamond option has been selected. The footprint of the building is equal to the construction area. The open sky garden brings light to the middle of the plan and connects, physically and visually, the different floors of the building. The central garden brings natural ventilation to the ground floor and acts as a monumental connector. The large floor plan of 4’964m2 can be divided into smaller spaces. A large green space is located on the roof top. This generous space is an important actor in the social connections of the projects.
Central spaces for a working community.
The large dimension of each office floor gives us the opportunity to explore spatial strategies to create a connection in-between floors and different company departments. This strategy can be applied inside the working space and via an outdoor circulation route crossing the space.
Office division
The vertical circulation brings flexibility to each floor. The office spaces can be divided into large or smaller surfaces to answer to different needs and functions.
Green ratio
The green area on the ground-floor offers a refreshing space for public activities. It is a welcoming and flexible space to organize social events. Because of the limited space available around the building, the large roof of The Diamond project will become its main green area. The team was a multi-disciplinary team composed by Multiply Office as lead Architect, DP Studio Design, an interior design practice based in Belgium and Boydens Engineering an international practice.  Nicolas Moser and Victor Diaz Ortega leaded the competition