Co-Reality and the Petticoat Dress


Multiply Office presents the Petticoat Dress at Kaunas2022, European Capital of Culture. During the event the Choregraph Marius Pinigis and his dancers explored the dress in the public space.

The design exhibition in Kaunas’ public spaces, reflected on the creative solutions and imagination outcomes evoked during the pandemic: both practical, (re)responsive to emergencies, namely, design solutions for critical situations, and impractical, i.e. creative responses to quarantine restrictions.

What transformations are being created and what future is being designed by practitioners and visionaries for today? How do they help solve problems, adapt to changed conditions, ensure security and communication between people? What new solutions of the material and spatial environment are incorporated in their ideas, projects, visions? 

In the title of the exhibition, is encoded the event’s main ideological hint; COVID and Co-created reality in the language of design – stimulating, inspiring, engaging. The exhibition could be encountered in common spaces in Kaunas: open city spaces, museums, and galleries, design boutiques, schools, streets…