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Introducing the New Metiseko Store in Hanoi!

Metiseko is a local brand with production carried out by local artisans, renowned for its high quality and meticulous attention to detail. Its universe is rich and inspiring, illuminating the landscapes, culture, traditions, and history of Vietnam through its designs in accessories and clothing. From bright to subtle, from dreamy to frenetic, the Metiseko universe immerses you in a unique world of colors and prints. All garments are made in-house, with one tailor creating each piece from A to Z, a rarity for such a brand.

Design Inspiration and Location:

The design of the new shop draws inspiration from the Metiseko world and the spirit of the Old Quarter, a space with a dense and complex urban fabric, offering discoveries at every corner.

The new Metiseko shop will be located at N°9 Nha Chung in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, featuring a narrow facade and a long interior space. The existing three-story building typically follows the shop-house typology. The interior space, built with brick and steel structure, is highly flexible with no obstacles inside.

Interior Design Features:

The new store offers a journey across the world of Metiseko in the context of the traditional 36 streets of Hanoi, illustrated by the chosen typology made up of a series of voids and stairs which change position on every floor. The space organization creates inspiring double-height spaces, interior gardens, and visual connections from one floor to another.

Information about Metiseko and its philosophy is dispersed throughout the space, enhancing the excitement of discovering the brand. The two stairs are treated as sculptural objects, drawing attention and serving as connectors and visual reference points for navigating across the floors.

Metiseko Identifying Elements:

Distinctive elements are consistently used in each shop to create a visually recognizable identity. These elements, such as white bricks, gold clothing racks, Metiseko-specific geometric patterns, round and rectangular mirrors, traditional black ceramic planters, and large pictures, are reused in our design to create a connection between the different shops.

Goals and Objectives:

As we embark on this new chapter, our goals remain steadfast:

  • Be inspired by Metiseko’s journey.
  • Enhance traditional construction materials and know-how.
  • Create a connection with existing Metiseko shops.
  • Share Metiseko philosophy.
  • Minimize maintenance costs.