Petticoat in the city

The Petticoat dress is the perfect outfit to maintain strong and safe social activities with fun, style and comfort during the Covid-19 pandemic. Alone or with friends and family, the question is no longer about keeping distance between you and others. Free your mind, the dress will keep you at bay… Keep your hands clean and the virus will stay away.

The dress has been designed to answer the question of social distancing. This outfit appears as a solution to avoid direct contamination as maintaining normal social and economic activities are essential today.

The two meters distance requested between people creates an awkward relationship situation. It breaks the beauty of social ties. Today, we are all potentially infected. The threat of being sick, contagious and quarantined is on everyone’s mind. The best way to go is to adopt the barrier gestures. Thus, the distance – imaginary or not – becomes an efficient protection but very easily attacked and destroyed.

The Petticoat dress works as a preventative tool and allows to bring back a feeling of comfort. It gives the feeling that physical contacts could be possible. It breaks the feeling of distance, even if – in fact – you are still two meters apart. You don’t need to think or fear about others. You can move freely and fearlessly be surrounded by the crowds and simply enjoy the moment.

The dress is seen as a communication tool that reminds people of respecting social distance but in a relax and creative way.

During this difficult, stressful and frustrating time, we invite people to find creative and positive solutions to go through this time and to keep activities as normal as possible.

Inspired both by the Victoria Era ball gown and the Scottish Highland traditional kilt, the Petticoat dress must be a comfortable fashion accessory. It’s a positive encouragement to follow the recommended rule of the 2m distance between each other.

Wearing the Petticoat dress brings feelings that you won’t forget. You look as a queen or a king. You feel as light as a bird, ready to fly. You move like a ballerina, with the elegance of her graceful moves.

An automatic interaction is created between the different wearers of the dress. One’s move invites the move of others. Immediately, the distance that seemed so restrictive invites to the exchange and play. The contact of dresses is like a murmur that turns the street into a theatre filled by intoxicating movements.

Image an outdoor concert with the crowds wearing a Petticoat dress. Imagine the emptiness creates by the 2 meters distance. It turns into an elegant and large coat, or in waves, of colors and movements. The distance remains but the feeling is completely different. This is what is important with the Petticoat dress. It reminds us that it’s all about the point of view. And that being positive is essential whatever height of the cliff in front of us!