Bangkok pool , by Joseph Gobin photographer

Welcome to our special hotel tour Bangkok. a mix of new and old-school places seen through their pool. Bangkok is a city that receives 25 millions visitors a year. We enjoy being part of them. From time to time we organize creative workshops between us. Where only one thing matters : The pool of the hotel where we are going to stay, as it is  the only place where we wish to be for our working session. Talking, swimming, thinking, talking again, imaging fantastic solution, new concepts  and finally if it’s not ending with a final solution we feel ready to go on with right manner in a project. 

With this perspective together with The French photographer Joseph Gobin we decided to make a reportage on this special hotel that makes for all of us our stay so special. For this tour, we decided to focus on the hotel from the 60s and 70s built in Sukhumvit neighborhood during the hotel boom. Many of these hotels remain almost the same today as they did 50 years ago with the essential piece of architecture in its center : the pool!

The series of Joseph Gobin is composed of 12 pictures. All  of them are a really interesting representation of Bangkok seen by us, Multiply Office. It’s a mix between the 70s and today. 

Some of the selected hotels were built to welcome American soldiers during the Vietnam War.

If you are keen to learn more about these hotels, here is an article from the Bangkok post published in 2015