Kecho collective and multiply office join their spirit

Kecho Collective and Multiply Office join their spirit to propose a special urban blanket edition inspired by Kecho collective philosophy and their love for the city of Hanoi. The blanket pattern reminds the grid of the KTT, (Khu Tap The) a social housing model built in Vietnam between the 50s & 80s, under the comunist micro-rayon style, which today has been hidden by all the modifications brought by the habitants throughout the years.

Kecho Collective is a design practice with collaborators from various disciplines. Lead by the architect Nguyen Manh Tuan the collective is based in Hanoi. The office located inside a traditional KTT is a witness of its social spirit. The collective is inspired to solve problems creatively and commit to solutions that honor people and places. They place education and sharing experience at the center of their concern. Kecho collective is focusing as well on bambo as a sustainable and complex construction material.