The Petticoat dress on the Wallstreet Journal

Nicolas Moser, Director of a Research and Design firm has recently unveiled the prototype for his Petticoat
Dress, a jutting, unisex skirt befitting Jane Jetson. He designed it from nylon and a steel ring to keep passers by at least 3 feet away and plans to make it available in black, white, blue and other colors in the coming weeks, for under $100. Last week, Mr. Moser, 43, hired friends and models to wear the
skirts, which he describes as a “princess- y” fusion of
art and function, out on the town in Hanoi.
Doors were a frustrating foil, he said: “You need to
be ready to show your underwear because you need to lift up the dress or you don’t go inside.” He plans to add slits that can be unzipped while riding a motorbike or standing in the wind to avoid a parachute effect. It isn’t for everyone, he said: “I’m not sure my father will be wearing it.”