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ArchitectureThe REd bricks Flat, A feasibilty study in Paris

The REd bricks Flat, A feasibilty study in Paris

New project in Paris, a Feasibility for a Private apartment in a striking new residential building in Paris The target is going to feature a flexible and dynamic living area. Our feasibility study will explore options to transform a former furniture storage building into stunning family apartments. Maximizing the potential of the space while preserving its industrial heritage. We  will prioritize the adaptability of the design to meet the changing needs of the owners. We will explore and value creativity, flexibility, and context in our architectural approach.”

For the Red Bricks project, Multiply Office is pleased to collaborate with Garcia Viard Architecture, a distinguished French architecture studio with a proven track record in the renovation of listed buildings and a passion for precision and architectural detail. Their expertise in construction and project management is a valuable asset to the project, ensuring high-quality design and execution. The synergy between our two offices guarantees a perfect match for the Red Bricks project, delivering meticulous attention to detail, accurate construction budgeting, and precise execution on site.”

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